A Good Day to Die

It’s a beautiful day
Breeze gently blowing through my hair
The sun shines so bright
The birds singing in harmony
All gathered at my window
I feel light
I have gained new strengths
The night took my pain away.

I am standing at a crossroad
Happy to have made it here
Happy to know that the choice has been made for me.
This day of awareness
Has led me down the road of certainty
A path of clarity.

My children came from all corners of the Earth
They came with their children
And their children brought their own children
For a last good-bye
For an opportunity to share
For a chance to create our last memories
I am in awe of my family
My Lord has been faithful to His words.

Spirit lifted up
Hands raised up in praise
Heart overwhelmed by the intensity of the moment
Tears of joy rolling down my face
Vibrant energy filling the air
I watched as they celebrated my life.

Memories flashed through my mind
Everything froze around me
Time suddenly stopped
With my Creator’s consent
The Universe conspired in my favor
To heal my ache and set me free
To be reborn, at last
To be reborn into a new life.

What a good day to die.

© 2012 Joan Ambu. All rights reserved.
(An excerpt from Strength of The Small)


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