Antique Wood Carved Horse

Today has turned out to be a much beautiful day than I anticipated. I spent a few hours this morning tending to my plants. The weather has been so beautiful and I’ve been enjoying working in the garden. I took a moment to walk around the house and noticed that the weeds in the backyard are starting to grow rather rapidly. The amount of rain that fell these past couple of months was enough to keep the cycle going; the soil is still the same and no matter what I do, they keep on coming. I smiled. Weeding has been therapeutically beneficial for me.

On a much more positive note, my Antique Wood Carved Horse Figurine (with Brass Copper embellishments) finally arrived in the mail this afternoon. Old and gorgeous! It is made of carved wood, hammered brass, copper and bone inlays. This piece was hand carved from a block of wood and the brass chain bridle can connect to the saddle. The age of the horse is probably mid to late 1950’s.

Antique Wood Carved Horse Figurine.

Antique Wood Carved Horse Figurine.

I just added a rare piece to my Antique Horses collection.


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