Back to School (1st Grade)

Summer Vacation is officially over for the students at Cottonwood Elementary as they returned to school early this morning for another year of learning and brain challenging activities. My Son has been looking forward to this day and he was so happy to reconnect with some of his friends from Kindergarten.

Back to School

The school was packed and there was a very long line of parents who personally wanted to take their kids in the premises and meet their teachers. After giving specific instructions to my Son (his Teacher’s name, his classroom number and where to go for help), he proceeded through the gate while I went through the office. After signing in as a Visitor to personally turn in the items on his supply list, I found him sitting in his classroom and coloring at his desk. The students are being seated alphabetically by last names. He was very happy to find out that two of his best friends from Kindergarten are in his class too.

While going through his folders last night, I found his Passport to Reading (filled with six stickers) along with an unused Pizza Hut® Book It!® Reading Program Certificate. These two items put a smile on my face. After picking him up from school, we drove by Pizza Hut® and he placed an order of his favorite Pan Cheese Pizza and received a sticker. What a great way to celebrate back to school.

Passport to Reading (2012-2013).

Passport to Reading (2012-2013).

Book It!® Reading Program Certificate.

Book It!® Reading Program Certificate.

I wish him as well as others a great 2013-2014 school year. I hope he has a wonderful time and acquires more knowledge while making a difference the best way he knows how.


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