Beautiful Fall Skies

The day today started with some cloudy/stormy skies which have always been to me  a mysterious and yet mesmerizing sight to see. You can literally sit there and watch the clouds roll in and change their shape as the wind plays havoc with them. And then, there you see an opening in the clouds as if a divine force has willed it so.

Stormy Sky.

After getting my Son ready for school, we headed out and he was witness to the dark and moving clouds. He asked me if it had rained and I assured him it had. On our last leg of the journey to school we turned onto the last road and witnessed a sight to see. There before us stood a beautiful rainbow which I pointed out to him. He was so amazed by the colors and the location as it seemed to start on top of his school. The picture below does the rainbow no justice. What a beautiful way to start the day for him.

Rainbow after the Rain.