Benise On My Mind

Here we are, the night before school starts. It’s almost hard to believe that the holidays are over and that my Son will be back to school again in just a few hours. He is excited and I am happy for him. We had a blast visiting places and doing the things we enjoy the most over the past few weeks without worrying about perfections and deadlines. Yesterday I asked my kids what they would like to do today and they said they wanted to go running around in the backyard. What about movies? I asked. “Well, maybe we could see Turbo,” my Son replied.

This morning we went to the movies and watched Turbo. We treasure movies on demand, though once in a while we enjoy going to the movies when it’s less crowded as it was the case today. We spent some time at the Park before returning home and allowing them to run around in the backyard.

I listened to Benise all afternoon. I love his Music and find it soothing. Nights Of Fire! does the trick all the time.

Benise, Nights Of Fire!

Benise, “Nights Of Fire!”

The house is quiet. We said our prayers a couple of hours ago and the kids are sound asleep.


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