DIY: Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Most of us have at least one Medicine Cabinet in our home. It is an area where we store our everyday essentials for quick access, such as toiletries. If like me, you bought an older home, then I am sure, it came with one of those old school Medicine Cabinets (plain with silver or gold metal frame around it). There’s absolutely nothing wrong in having one of those as long as it’s been placed at the right location.

In my case, I didn’t like the location of the Medicine cabinet, which was placed on the left wall. After all the turning to look at the mirror it took a toll on my neck and it was time for the cabinet to go.
I started by removing the screws from the inside panels of the cabinet and then I pulled it free from the wall. I build my recessed shelving then I installed the shelves and trim.

Medicine Cabinet as Display Cabinet.

Medicine Cabinet as Display Cabinet.

It’s a fun and very simple project which can be accomplished in just a couple of hours.


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  1. Beautiful! I love to upcycle. It’s so fun to find old treasures or yard sale finds and upcycle them. Love your medicine cabinet!!

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