DIY: Vintage Chalkboard Tray

What can you do when you own a gorgeous vintage piece that you either don’t use often or can’t use for its original intent? For one you could re-purposed the item to meet your needs.

Well, I have been wanting to make some chalkboard for my kitchen and I thought it would be great on a tray. At the same time, I was looking for a vintage metal tray and was lucky enough to find one out at the Estate Liquidators in Hesperia, CA. I instantly fell in love with this lovely Stainless Steel Vintage Tray with charming gold handles (to top it all of, it was brand new and still in its original packaging).  I knew at that moment that I had just found what I have been looking for: a plain and simple metal tray.

Vintage Chalkboard Tray.

Vintage Chalkboard Tray.

Today, I finally decided to re-purposed my stainless steel vintage metal tray and it turned out great.

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • Metal Serving Tray
  • Chalkboard Paint/Spray Paint
  • Paintbrush/Sponge brush (if you’re using Paint and not Spray Paint)
  • Painter’s Tape (if you’re not planning to paint the whole tray)
  • Vinegar (to prevent the paint from chipping)

How to proceed:

  1. Clean/sand your tray (if needed).
  2. Clean the area you need painted with vinegar to insure that your paint doesn’t chip.
  3. Tape the borders (if you’re not planning on painting the whole tray).
  4. Start painting in a well ventilated area and let it try at least one hour.
  5. When you’re done and satisfied, remove the tape around the borders.

Now that your chalkboard tray is complete, you can write/draw on it and display it in your favorite place with pride. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.


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