DIY: Wine Glass Lamp Shades

What would you do if, suddenly, a few of your favorite wine glass broke? My guess is that most of us would toss them in the trash can. Others like me, who collect objects with sentimental value will find it difficult to part with them. We would find ways to repurpose/ reuse these objects in hopes of holding on to them and/or extending their lives.

A few months ago, I purchased a set of Eiffel Tower Wine Glasses from which two were broken. I refused to part with them and decided to store them in a safe place until I figure out what to do. This evening we had family craft time. While the kids were working on their projects, Eduardo used Loctite Epoxy to reconnect the glass handle to its base. I was busy creating and decorating the lamp shades. Now we have a new use for them.

Wine Glass Lamp Shades.

Wine Glass Lamp Shades.

Materials Needed:

• Wine glasses
• LED tea lights
• Scrapbook paper (8-1/2″ x 11″)
• Scissors / Decorative bladed scissors
• Glue pen/ Double-sided tape

Step by step:

1. Be creative and design our own template OR print out this template (by Good Housekeeping).
2. Trace the pattern onto your scrapbook paper. Cut out the shape with your regular scissors (use decorative bladed scissors along the bottom edge to add another element to the shade).
3. Use the glue pen or the Double-sided tape to one straight end. Wrap the other end over and hold together to form the shade.
4. Set the lampshade on top of your glass and voilà!


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