ELLE Bird Decor

I spent most of the day sleeping and daydreaming. Good thing my kids had their Dad home today to attend to their needs while I was getting some much needed rest. I woke up just in time to get ready and go treasure hunting with the family. We made a quick stop at Toys “R” Us to find a part for, and to get an opinion on a gift we ordered for our daughter’s upcoming birthday. We also picked up something she really wants.

We then headed to Kohl’s early this evening looking at lovelies where we spent 30 minutes. I am so fond of Elle Decor and I picked up a beautiful decorative bird which was on clearance and the price was just right. Truth is, I have been waiting for this Bird to go on sale and it turned out that today was my lucky day as it was the last one in the store. Prior to exiting the store, I stock pile on Yankee Candle® simply home™ Bamboo Electric Home Fragrancer refills (Personally, I think the Bamboo fragrance is the best. It’s refreshing, relaxing, inviting and it soothes the senses as every breath you take is enjoyable).

ELLE Bird Decor.

ELLE Bird Decor.

As you can imagine, I was all smiles until we got home. Such a beautiful find.

Diner was light tonight and I decided to skip my glass of wine for tomorrow. My bundles of joy are sound asleep, which means Eduardo and I can finally watch all the movies we’ve been wanting to watch. If the weather permits, I will be gardening tomorrow morning or we will be adventurous enough to visit a new Antique Shop.


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