Family On My Mind

It’s hot today and as of now, it’s above 99° Fahrenheit. Added to that it’s windy. Imagine steeping out and feeling a wave of hot air in your face. For a moment I almost forgot how hot it gets here in the High Desert and it’s only the beginning. Lovely day, dreadful weather. The laughter and beautiful sounds coming from the playroom transport my mind to a familiar place and for a few moments, I catch myself daydreaming. Reliving in my mind some wonderful moments we shared in Douala. How I love and miss my siblings.

I had a wonderful conversation with my Mom today and it felt good. It felt really good. She just got back home after spending a month in Cameroon and two weeks in France with my brother and his family. It was a much-needed vacation for her and she enjoyed the break. She returned feeling all rejuvenated, energized and revitalized. It felt good talking to my big Brother too; it felt really good. Everyone is in very good spirit and nothing else matters. As much as she enjoyed her vacation, she is happy to be back in the midst of her children and grandchildren and looking forward to do the things she enjoys the most.

Image Source: Willow

Image Credit: Willow

Family is the source and the foundation. Family is the ‘make’ or ‘brake.’ Family is created to withstand the test of time. Family is everything and if there’s anything meaningful I’ve learned in Life, it’s never to take anyone for granted as life can end abruptly. When down on your knees, broken inside, alone, lost, confused and without clear direction; Family will lift you up and nurture you back to health and back on your feet. Family will remind you where you are coming from, where you have been and will question you on your future goals.

Wishing you all great moments with your loved ones.


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