Flower Bed Garden Edging

When it comes to garden edging the possibilities are endless to meet your needs. You can choose from Plastic, Bricks, Rocks, Boulders, Bamboo, Wrought Iron/Metal, Bottles, Wood, Plates to Concrete and so much more.

For those with limited to no budget can look around their property for edging ideas. Do you have scrap wood, dead branches, rocks or decorative bricks lying around in your yard? If you do, by all means put them to use.
Those of us with trees of all types around our properties know that Nature has a way of stressing them to the breaking point such as:

» The weight of ice and snow.
» Strong winds.
» Dead branches.
» Plant disease, … etc!

What can we do with a fallen branch or a broken tree? For one, we can safely remove the fallen branch and dispose of it and/or contact an arborist to remove the fallen tree.

Pine Wood Log as Plant border.

Pine Wood Log as Plant border.

The 2008 winter storm was so severe that it split two of my mature trees in two. After removing and disposing of most of the branches; I kept a few branches from my broken pine tree, which I am now using as Plant borders.


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