Handmade Southwestern Lamps

Two weeks ago, we inherited this gorgeous pair of Southwestern Lamps from our neighbor across the street (the same individuals who gave us the Vintage Sea Shell Hanging Planter and the Vintage Wood Folding TV Tray). The lamps have cutouts showing a beautiful depiction of a beautiful Southwestern sunrise/sunset). The shades have a cactus, skull and cowboy hat for its pattern (cactus, skull, cactus, cowboy hat all the way around).

Usually they would ask if we are interested in anything before offering. This time they didn’t ask the question. They said they are passing it along to us because they know we will love and cherish the set. Those words were enough to make a grown woman cry. The neighbor told us that the set was a project by him and his wife, handmade, back when they both were into Pottery. The shades on the other hand, were purchased. What makes it even special for us, is that both lamps have been signed by the couple.

Southwestern Lamps.

Southwestern Lamps and Lamp Shades.

I really love the lamp shades, but their large size hide the top part of the lamp and it’s a little too big. I am planning on getting either Square, Barrel or drum shaped shades that will allow for the design to show thru.

The Lamps have two light bulbs on it, one on the top of the lamp and one that is on the bottom of the fixture which lights up the lamp cutout on the inside of it. This is a wonderful piece, which we will definitely cherish and which we are truly grateful to have received.

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”― Anne Frank


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