High Desert Drought Resistant Plants

When my husband and I were looking to buy a house, we both agreed on a small backyard (less maintenance). However, we instantly fell in love with a smaller house our realtor showed us. Five (5) years later, living in the High Desert of CA, we have never loved having a huge backyard more and enjoy a quieter lifestyle.
Of course, we have a lot of Weeds growing and we also have to deal with Gophers and Ground Squirrels, which can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully with patience, available tools, techniques and a willing mind – we turned it into a fun, relaxing, beautiful and inviting space.I have a few criteria before I purchase plants. They have to be evergreen or semi-evergreen; adaptable landscape plants  and definitely have to withstand heat/dryness and cold-hardiness. Last but not least, appealing to the eyes.


Daylilies: Mid-season bloomer.

1. Pretty Woman Daylily – Soft pink flower.
2. Stella D’Oro Daylily.
3. Siloam David Kirchhoff Daylily – Purple, lavender flower.


Sword Lilies
: Produces beautiful tall spikes with large flowers.

1. Gladiolus ‘Super Star’                             2. Gladiolus ‘Yellow’
3. Gladiolus ‘Fiorentina’                              4. Gladiolus ‘Peter Pears’


with beautiful blooms, colors and sweet scent.


Succulent & Cactus
: 1. Hen and Chicks  2.  Pink Crown Cactus

Herbaceous Perennial & Shrub:

1. Red Autumn Sage – Drought resistant with long period of bloom.
2. Common Broom – Erect shrub with bright yellow flowers in spring and summer.
3. Lindheimer’s Beeblossom – Perennial with white flowers, light pink/pink.


Ornamental Grasses
: Add charm to landscapes.

1. Purple Fountain Grass – Reddish leaves and colorful flowers.
2. Elijah Blue Fescue Grass – Remains blue throughout the year.

Asparagus Plumosus
Asparagus FernBeautiful vine with wiry climbing stems (contain sharp thorns).
Pendula Yucca
Yucca RecurvifoliaBeautiful evergreen specimen (clusters of white flowers).
Lily of the Nile
Agapanthus‘Storm Cloud’Produces purple trumpet-shape flowers in summer.
Crimson Glory Tea
Leptospermum ScopariumEvergreen shrub with deep-red flowers on needlelike foliage.
Lilium ‘Birgi’
Longiflorum-Asiatic LilyProduces beautiful deep pink flowers in Summer.
Asparagus Fern
Asparagus densiflorusNeedlelike foliage with tiny thorns (can develop small red poisonous berries).
Noel’s Grevillea
Grevillea ‘Noellii’Evergreen Shrub with long blooming pink & white flowers
Pink Agapanthus
Tulbaghia Violacea‘Silver Lace’Grass-like foliage with strong garlic odor & lavender flowers.
Rosmarinus OfficinalisWonderful herb that makes a beautiful ornamental plant.
NarcissusHardy and easy perennials to grow with attractive flowers.
Bird of Paradise Bush
Caesalpinia GilliesiiEvergreen shrub with large  yellow birdlike flowers.


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