Holy Week and Us

My daughter turned 2 months old. She now gives out genuine smiles and makes our hearts flutter whenever she smiles back at us in response to our silliness. She loves looking around; mostly at the chandeliers, ceiling fans and lights. She’s getting heavier (ferocious eater with good appetite) and we are just happy she’s a healthy baby. We had visitors last weekend, who prepared delicious meals for us and bought gifts for the baby. My older son is wonderful and a very protective brother; he’s just full of surprises and love.

Physically and mentally I’m doing alright. I’m going through a ‘Soul Searching’ phase. Though I’ve pretty much lost my post-pregnancy weight; I’ve gained muscles from my daily exercises and I’ve reached an ideal body shape. I’m happy where I am now. My husband too, has been losing  weight, thanks to his routine exercise and he has never been happier. We owe it in part to our ongoing commitment to a balanced and healthy diet.

Holy Week.

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.” John 1:9 (NIV).

Holy Week this year is very meaningful to us. We never truly realized how lucky we are until lately. We’ve seen so much pain and destruction around the World. Just last weekend, for instance, we visited a family friend in Los Angeles, CA whose son got shot a few times (and survived, thankfully). A week earlier we visited a friend in Upland, CA who lost her sister-in-law and while at the residence, we found out about the dead of someone else. Life is just too short and too fragile to waste lingering on meaningless things.

While using our time wisely, helping others and keeping ourselves happy; we are clinging to hope, thriving to do the right thing and praying for the forgiveness of our sins. As we look back at the past, we hope for a better tomorrow.


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