I’ve Learned

I’ve learned
That knowledge does not update itself
And even though I’m constantly learning
I must keep my mind active.

I’ve learned
That I must save life
Even if at some point in time
That life will end mine.

I’ve learned
That hate, though not contagious
Is a self-destructive illness
And I must not practice it.

I’ve learned
That Blessings come in small packages
I must not hold on to perishable things
When all I really need is around me.

I’ve learned
That appearances can be deceiving
We judge people by the image they portray to the World
Rather than the person within.

I’ve learned
That you cannot envy someone
Until you walk in their shoes
And embrace their flaws.

I’ve learned
That a simple “I Love You”
Goes a long way
It heals the most incurable disease.

I’ve learned
That the pain of death
Has the power to bring people together
And end feuds.

I’ve learned
That when we have a heated argument
And you hurt my feelings
That’s precisely when I must not betray your trust.

I’ve learned
That I must always be true to myself
No matter what others think
That I must be grateful at all times
Because Life can end abruptly.

I’ve learned
That when I feel lonely
And the World seems to ignore my cry for help
I must keep trusting
In the One who watches over me and never sleeps
I must be patient and keep trusting
Because He has never let me down.

© 2012 Joan Ambu. All rights reserved.
(An excerpt from Strength of The Small)


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