Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

Welcome to the Visual Tour of Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures …

Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures.

Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures.

I have been to Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures twice before this day and in every single trip I get mesmerized. Everything is so beautiful that you want to touch every single piece. So much lovelies everywhere. It’s simply dreamy. And the loveliest of all, Linda Marie, herself. Graceful, energetic, helpful, lively, friendly and funny.

Rule #1. Don’t get discouraged by the size of her Shop.
Remember the saying, ‘great things come in small packages.’ Linda Marie has a paradise of goodness at the back of her shop (without counting what’s inside: clothing, collectibles and more). Because words cannot describe her collections, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I have personally come to enjoy and love Primitive decor as it adds charm and a Country feel to my Home. If you love gardening or just enjoy being around plants, you will fall in love with her unique garden planters, which varies from ceramic pots to stone carvings (Greek head planters), Yard Sculptures, Toilet, Tanks and Sinks Planters, Sinks water fountains, Drawer Planters, etc.

If you are looking for Antique Lantern, Rustic Primitive cupboard, distressed Rustic Country block Wood Sign, Patio/Bistro Set, Cookbooks, unique and custom Benches, bird houses, Door Knockers, Chandelier, Hand Towels, Tractor Seats, Cherub Statues, Farmhouse dining table and chairs, old tools, Vintage Chests and Trunks, or just ideas on how to implement Primitive decoration into your home; you can begin your search at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

Linda Marie’s Treasures are truly enchanted. Click here to see the gorgeous set of wall hanging Greek Male and Female Head Sculptures that I purchased from her shop last Summer (as well as a lovely Moroccan Lantern).

Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

19222 National Trails Hwy, Oro Grande, CA 92368
Phone: 1 (760) 484-6300
Website: LindaMarie’
Like her Facebook Page and visit often for additional information and updates. Let’s Support Our Local Vendors!

Are you interested in an item and cannot make the drive to Oro Grande, CA? Do you live out-of-state? Contact Linda Marie for shipping/delivery options.

Joan and Linda Marie at Linda Marie's Enchanted Treasures.

Joan and Linda Marie at Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures.


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2 thoughts on “Linda Marie’s Enchanted Treasures

  1. What magic you have made from a trip to our Enchanted Gardens … And that is just the outside.
    Joanambu, you are truly amazing!!!
    Thank you for enjoying our Magic and bringing it to life.
    Love You,
    Linda Marie

  2. You are very welcome, Linda.

    You have an awesome Shop and people need to know.
    I am all about Sharing, Spreading the Word and most importantly, supporting my Local Vendors (Charity starts from Home).

    Thank you for your touching comment.
    Love You right back.

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