Mold Me Lord

My Lord and Redeemer
I am a Child with no direction
As I call upon your name
To guide me through the right path
I ask that you show me
Your merciful ways.

My Lord and Savior
I am a Woman with many flaws
I kneel before you today
Praying and asking
That you give me the ability
To love unconditionally as you do.

You are my Master
You are my King
I am your servant
I am at your mercy.

Mold me Lord
Shape me
Feed me Lord
With your knowledge
That I may absorb and retain
That I may learn and gain.

I am a dried up tree
Revive me
I am a damaged picture
Convert my million pieces into your patchwork
Show me the light
Relight my fire
Scar me with your Word
So when my time comes to pass
I may burst into infinite little pieces
Infecting mankind with your Unfathomable Love.

© 2012 Joan Ambu. All rights reserved.
(An excerpt from Strength of The Small)


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Poet, Writer and Published Author. Insatiably passionate about gardening, Health and Wellness. I enjoy collecting Vintage and Antique choice pieces.