Nurturing Goes a Long, Long Way

Ivan: Mom, are you proud of me?
Me: Yes, very.
Ivan: Why? Because I did well at school?
Me: Yes and because I love you.
Ivan: If I do an even better job will you be prouder?
Me: Yes, I will. But remember, it’s not just about doing a good job. You must be kind and respectful to others to.
Ivan: Ok Mommy.

Yesterday, along with other Kindergarten kids, Ivan went on his first field trip to the Pumpkin Patch at the Boulder Creek Ranch Harvest Festival. It is one thing to drop him off at school and it’s another to let him go on a field trip, especially as he is known to be an explorer. I had to bury my fears and put my trust in the hands of the wonderful teachers and volunteers who accompanied them on this field trip. Prior to leaving for school, his Father surprised him with some drawings of things he enjoys on his disposable lunch bag. We always find ways to make him feel special, especially when we are not around. Turned out that he had an awesome time.

Boulder Creek Ranch
19099 Lemon St, Hesperia, CA 92345
Phone: (760) 244-0096 OR  (760) 956-9300
October 13th – October 28th
Open: 11:00 AM – Dusk

Custom ‘Disposable’ Lunch Paper Bag.

Going back to my heartfelt conversation with my Son. He is at a stage of his life, where he sees things, analyses and remembers them. So, as a parent, is it important for me to be patient, encouraging, loving and honest with him. I must be ready to answer his questions, honestly, the best way I possibly can, based on his age and ability to understand, without going into much details. I always take my kids questions seriously.
It is critical for us, parents, to be involved in all aspects of our children lives, allowing them to experience life and things for themselves. One thing we should avoid at all cost is to rob them of their Innocence.

My Son is so proud of himself for receiving a lot of rewards, prices from school for being a good and responsible student. Recently, he received this Pizza Hut® Book It!® Reading Program Certificate to celebrate his reading accomplishment (Book It!® is a reading incentive program that Pizza Hut® has sponsored since 1985).

Pizza Hut® Book It!® Reading Program Certificate.

If we cannot stand with them while they are growing up; how then, do we expect to reconnect with them once they’ve mature? In some cases, we are all they’ve got. Not being there for them when they need us is one thing they will never forget; adding a twist to their face, that, we will regret.


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