Out and About: Downtown Pomona

Pomona, Sweet Pomona!

Pomona’s Antiques Row.

Pomona’s Antiques Row.

While touring the three stories of the Pomona Antique Mart, I found a lovely vintage statue for my garden! How wonderful. It’s a Little girl gardening with a duck (they are both looking at their empty planter). I am thinking about painting it; then again, I might just leave it as is. I guess, time will tell. I am looking forward to displaying it for Spring, along side the Gnomes collection, when my beautiful garden will be in full bloom.

Little Girl with Duck Gardening Statue.

Prior to leaving, we visited Cheryl’s Antiques, which is one of the shops across the street from Pomona Antique Mart. We’ve been there once or twice before, without giving it much attention as it was always closing time or we were in a rush rush situation. Today, fortunately for us, we had a little time to spare and we used it wisely.

Cheryl’s Antiques (Pomona, CA).

I found a very old and rare vintage Christmas Tree Hugger amidst a pile of vintage Christmas decorations. As much as I love the vintage Christmas Pixie Elf Knee Hugger (and held back the urge to buy one); I am grateful that my patience paid off and I found something even more special. This particular Tree Hugger made my day.

Vintage Christmas Tree Hugger.

My boys, on the other hand, were more interested in Micro Machines and found a couple that caught their eyes.

Vintage Micro Machines.

Cheryl’s Antiques carries a little bit of everything (jewelries, living room sets, office pieces, suitcases, paintings, lamps, dolls, home decorations, perfumes, children toys, display mannequins, gardening accessories, and so much more). Her pieces of furniture as well as decorative objects are Retro and Vintage.

Cheryl’s Antiques
275 E 2nd Street Pomona, CA 91766
1 (909) 623-5600


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