Pain of Death

Death, you must know
Is a loner
Is not sociable
It doesn’t negotiate
It doesn’t give a second chance
It doesn’t sympathize.

To some it can be gentle
And to others, unkind
Either way
The outcome is the same
When a loved one cease
The living is thorn.

Pray and be prayerful
Do not find joy in another’s grief
Do not let your anger destroy your dreams
Look around you
Be grateful for what you have
Keep your faith alive and your heart open.

Regardless of circumstances
Death is nothing to rejoice about
As much as it comes as a relief to some
It leaves others empty
And robs them of an opportunity
To cherish the ones who have ceased.

© 2012 Joan Ambu. All rights reserved.
(An excerpt from Strength of The Small)


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Poet, Writer and Published Author. Insatiably passionate about gardening, Health and Wellness. I enjoy collecting Vintage and Antique choice pieces.

2 thoughts on “Pain of Death

  1. Charlyne Smith

    Your words are healing. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Charlyne.
      I hope you find comfort in them.

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