Pink Tulips and Ghirardelli®

Today has been an awesome day all around as we woke up to a bright, warm sun shining day. Like every single morning, the first thing my toddler does is spoil both my husband and I with sweet kisses. She always tells me: “I like you Mommy. It’s you and me together forever.” I always fight the urge of shedding a tear or two when I am in her presence. But oh! How I love this darling little girl; she is so conscious and so affectionate.

My smart and energetic kindergartener had a Valentine’s Card exchange at school today and he said it was fun. I guess it’s always fun when Desserts, Snacks and Treats are involved. He can have it all as long as he keeps up with the fantastic job! I received very good news from his Teacher yesterday and I am so proud of him.

Pink Tulips and Ghirardelli® Chocolate.

Pink Tulips and Ghirardelli® Chocolate.

Above you can see the beautiful Pink Tulip bouquet I received from my better half this morning. I placed it on my gorgeous Vintage wood bottomed tray with a nature scene inlay featuring a bird perched on Bamboo and a 3″ high wicker surround. I also received a Ghirardelli® SQUARES™ Premium Chocolate Assortment Heart Tin (Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling, Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling and Dark Chocolate with White Mint Filling), which the kids immediately owned. Great things come in small packages and I am very grateful for today.


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