Charming Primitive Wood Planter

Yesterday we took a trip to Lowe’s. I have noticed that close to the end of each Season, the store offers a very limited quantity of selected plants. Last Fall I missed out on a plant which I really liked by promising to return the following days and to this date, that particular plant hasn’t made a comeback. Today, when I spotted a Cytisus San Francisco Red Broom Plant, I quickly picked one of the only four in stock.

Where to plant this beauty, I asked myself. We looked at a huge variety of planters and I still couldn’t find one that would compliment this plant. I turned to my very handy husband and kindly asked if he could build a planter for me and he said yes. He built it using pieces of scrap and reclaimed woods we found laying against our storage shed when we bought our Home. The wood below was already painted white, all we did was used a wire brush and scraper to scratch and remove some of the paint which was chipping off. By doing that we ended up creating an old distressed finish and then we used a home-made stencil to spray paint the silhouettes of the Tulips bellow. Simply charming and it turned out better than I expected.

Primitive Planter.

Primitive Wood Planter.

Materials/Tools Needed Step by step
  • Wood Chop Saw
  • Lumber/Scrap Wood/Reclaimed Wood
  • Nails/screws
  • Hammer/Drill, Drill-bits
  • Decide on the size of your planter
  • Measure and cut your pieces
  • Assemble the pieces

This morning I filled up my planter with clean plane dirt and potting mix before setting the plant in. We all like it very much and they both make a lovely combination. I am grateful for a good find, a very handy husband, for my family as well as our priceless time together and for the ability to appreciate little things.

I hope our little projects inspire creativity for your gardening plans.


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