Rainy Days

Rainy days are back in the High Desert. Yesterday we woke up to a very cold morning and by the time we stepped out, there were thick cloud formation moving over the mountains and blocking the view. We had periods of rain developing early in the afternoon. Today is cold, the sky is white and it’s drizzling.

Thick Clouds formation over the mountains.

Thick clouds formation over the mountains.

Roses glistening and dripping with raindrops, what a lovely sight.

Raindrops On Roses,

Raindrops On Roses.

Some of the leaves on the Raywood Ash in my front yard have now turned a deep purple/red color and started falling. It’s always the first tree to change colors and the last to shed its leaves. The leaves on the Mulberry are almost all yellow. Soon enough we will be raking leaves.

Raywood Ash and Mulberry.

Raywood Ash and Mulberry.

We will have to keep busy indoors since this cold and soggy weather will continue through Saturday.


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