Red Sun on a Dark Sky

While working on my garage, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a plume of smoke over the mountains. It was not big in size but dark on its intensity. As the hours passed the smoke plume got thicker and wider and darker. It was quite a sight to behold since its not every day that something like this happens. The picture here was taken in the evening and it’s quite a sight.

Due to the intensity, I wondered about the origin of the fire. It seemed to me that the fire was towards Irwindale, CA/Pasadena, CA mountains. The radio made no mention of the fire nor the location as the hours passed on this day. Having witnessed some fires up close I can surely say that it looked like a very fast moving fire. And so, The cycle of life continues with the rebirth of the hills.

By night time, Joan decided to check the Yellow Moon out and capture it on film. Isn’t it so close and yet so far? Isn’t it lovely?