Rediscovering High Heels

Today is clean up day at Home and I started with my Closet.
I knew I had too many shoes, but you never really know exactly how much until you take a closer look. I have been so reluctant to go through them as they are neatly stored and “don’t seem” to take much space. I am so ashamed to admit that some of them are still brand new and have been that way for years. Working for a shoe company at some point really helped suppress my love for acquiring more and I am very thankful for that.

I stopped wearing high heels when I became a Mom and I’m not sure I could ever walk comfortably in them anymore. Well, if the heel is 4″ or less, it’s still doable (provided that it allows me to lean down, pick up my babies without straining a muscle). I still have a few from Diesel®, Puma® and New Balance®, but I am in love with Flats.

Ravel, Bamboo & Two Lips Pumps

1. Ravel’s Rarity Low Peep Toe. 2. Two Lips® Destiny. 3. Bamboo Captivate Bow Pump.

The shoes above are those I am definitely keeping. I received them as gifts. Ravel’s Rarity was a gift from my cousin Annita in London following my graduation. The others are from my dear husband. Two Lips Destiny was a gift following the birth of our Son and Bamboo Captivate was a gift following the birth of our Daughter.

Christian Louboutin Circus Cutout Suede Bootie.

Christian Louboutin Circus Cutout Suede Bootie.

The Circus Cutout Suede Bootie by Christian Louboutin were my 2010 Christmas Gift from my darling Little Brother, Oliver. I love them and they are by far the most expensive shoes I own to date. I will hold on to them.

Going through my boxes of shoes, I found a few I am no longer in need of and others which simply don’t fit right. I have listed a few in my Shop, like this gorgeous Strappy Pumps by Simonelli, 100% made from Recycled Materials (as I was told seven years ago). I also listed some Vintage Dolls and Vintage Clothing.

Simonelli Strappy Pumps.

Simonelli Strappy Pumps.

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