Propagation by Simple Layering

It’s always a delight, for a Gardener, to wake up in the morning and find little surprises in the garden.

A simple layering is the process in which a branch or a flexible stem is buried/bent to the ground and partially covered with soil. Some gardeners will wound the area beneath a bud to induce rooting. This propagation technique works best on plants with low-growing branches such as Roses, for instance.

 In my case, Nature did all the work for me. All I had to do was to transplant the new growth and voilà!

Pristine® Hybrid Tea Rose.

Early this year I transplanted my first growth. I waited for the new growth to reach a certain height before carefully separating it from the main branch. The Chicago Peace® Hybrid Tea Rose is a gorgeous fragrant Rose. Ever since I purchased mine, it has never produced the same colored flower twice. At first, I was afraid the little plant would die, but to my amazement, it is doing well and I am looking forward to watch it bloom.

Chicago Peace® Hybrid Tea Rose.

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