Smoketree Junction Antiques

 The second joyful part of our day was visiting the Smoketree Junction Antique Stores in Pinon Hills, CA (also referred to us by Angie). It’s a beautiful and friendly place to shop for antiques, shabby chic, garden as well as upcycling furniture (of which some of the later are hand-made by Greg, Angie’s talented and creative husband).

I found this gorgeous antique Ladies Vintage Dress Form Bust “Gleneagles 1900′s Lady Golf Tournament” still in its original condition (from my extensive research on the Internet). If this beauty was made in 1900 then it’s 112 years old. How cool is this? Eduardo on the other hand found a vintage red glass oil lamp, which was converted to an electric lamp. He will post pictures and tell you all about it himself in due time. Don’t hesitate to stop by when you’re in town.

Gleneagles 1900’s Lady Golf Tournament (Vintage Dress Form Bust).

Smoketree Junction Antiques
815 California 138  Pinon Hills, CA 92372
1 (760) 868-8806

A few years ago, we found a Vintage Horse Grooming Curry Comb Brush (from the 1950’s) in the basement of our storage shed. Back then, we had no idea as of what it was except that it was really old, until this afternoon at the antique store when we spotted a similar tool and inquired about it. This is just one of the many finds we unveiled around our home.