Snow Day Closure

What a cold and windy day! I was awakened very early in the morning by a bright light coming through the window in the dark night. I slowly got out of bed, moved the curtain and as I took a peek through the blinds, I realized it was snowing! I instantly grabbed my camera, woke up the hubby, opened the front door and began taking pictures of the front yard. Such a beautiful sight, I whispered. Everything always looks better and cleaner when covered in white and this was no exception. We stood there, for a few minutes, watching the Snow fall. The magic continued for another hour and then the Snow began melting quite rapidly.

Snow Storm.

Snow Storm (View from My Front Yard).

The School Principal called at around 5:00 AM to let us know that the School was closed for the day due to the Snow. That’s was a relief given that nothing was posted on the School’s website. The kids were a little disappointed that they missed the Snow because they really wanted to play in the Snow, make snow angels and build a Snowman as it was the case in 2011. We are thankful to be Home, blessed by the company of one another and enjoying our favorite movies together.


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