Storing Christmas Decorations

Last year somehow we ended up with an extra box of decorations (and it took me a while to remember that almost every trip to the store was an opportunity for my kids to return home with something different and new). The Christmas tree alone must have had at least 75 ornaments on it, with half that amount in another box. It was a pleasure putting it up, decorating and admiring it for a whole month. Yesterday we took it down, cleaned up the space and reorganized the living room. I love organizing mainly because it gives me an opportunity to do what ever I wish to do like sorting items by sizes, shapes, colors, fragility and frequent use.

I kept the original boxes of most of my ornaments especially those for Christmas Villages, which not only helped speed up the storing process, but also provided protection from breakage. I always store my Christmas Lights in their labeled original boxes since I use each one on different areas in my front and backyard. I wrapped my breakable ornaments either in tissue paper, bubble wrap or felt before placing them in a Ziploc storage bag.

To save my used Christmas Tree Wired Ribbon, I wrapped it tightly around a toilet paper roll (a cardboard tube or just a piece of cardboard will work fine too).

Christmas Tree Wired Ribbon.

There are some storage options such as Ornament boxes/bins with adjustable cardboard or plastic dividers that hold multiple ornaments.

Other storage options for those on a budget which include egg cartons (for small and/or round ornaments), pieces of cardboard from a used cardboard box to store string lights and keeping them from tangling (a hose pipe reel will work too), Ziploc storage bags as well as heavy-duty plastic bags to store Wreaths (or purchase a Wreath Storage Bag) .

Ornament Storage on a Budget.

Ornament Storage on a Budget.
1. Egg Carton 2. Cardboard Pieces 3. Wreath Storage Bag.

As for Rolls of Gift Wrap, you can either use a bin or basket, hang them in garment bags, place them in storage containers or use wires to secure them against a wall. For artificial Christmas trees, use a plastic bag if you no longer have the original box or purchase a TreeKeeper Storage Bag with Stand. As for your extension cords, store them in a toilet paper roll or just wrap them into a coil and secure the ends with zip ties.

Storing Gift Wraps, Trees & Extension Cords. 1. 2. 3. .

Storing Gift Wraps, Trees & Extension Cords.
1. Wrapping Paper 2. TreeKeeper Storage Bag with Stand 3. Storing Extension Cords.

Have fun taking down your Christmas tree and organizing your decorations.


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