Summer Showers: Much Needed Rain

So I woke up today to a cloudy day. The sun hiding behind the dark puffy pillows waiting for their tears to fall upon the earth. As the day continued I heard the thunder very high upon the sky and knew what was to follow.

After informing my wife and children of the rain that was coming we readied ourselves with camera and sandals to go outdoors. And then the rain hit. It came in the form of big fat drops and hail that suddenly came down the size of skiddles.

Umbrella In The Rain.

Umbrella In The Rain (Image Source:

It continues for around 10 minutes and finally the hail stops falling and only the rain remains. suddenly the smell of wet earth fills our home, the cent of nature bringing out a peace and serenity that seems to be within humanity since the beginning.

We see as the rain has washed over the garden and has brought life back into the hills and landscape alike. The land has become anew. Is nature not amazing?