Sweet Sound of Music

Sunshine, cool breeze and the smell of freshly baked cookies in the air. Oh, what a beautiful day!
My Kindergartener returned from his end of year Christmas Party at school and together with his sister, they are having fun in the playroom. We will be having him home exclusively for the next three weeks, moments which I am looking forward to create and treasure. I have completed my morning chores and I have made myself comfortable on the loveseat, all relaxed and worry free. I am blogging and sipping a warm cup of coffee while listening to the sweet sound of Benise (“Spanigh Nights” album). We bought his first four CDs in 2002, while he was performing with a group of friends at the Ontario Mills® Mall. We couldn’t resist his unique style of music.

Benise, “Spanish Nights.”

Benise, “Spanish Nights.”

The excitement, anticipation and final countdown to Christmas is making everyone here antsy (myself being the antsiest). In just five days we’ll all be opening our gifts; reaping those beautifully wrapped presents which have been carefully and lovingly placed under the white Christmas Tree. To witness the unbridled joy and gratitude on my children’s faces as they contemplate their gifts is, oh, so priceless. In just five days, we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, to the virgin Mary. One of my favorite Holidays to reflect and rejoice.

Where has the time gone, literally? It’s hard to fathom that this year is almost over and that in just twelve days we will be starting a new year (of new beginnings and possibilities). This year has gone by way too fast. In retrospect, I think 2012 has been our best year so far and we can only hope that it takes us safely into 2013.


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