Thought On Our Anniversary

Today, we celebrate our 13th Wedding Anniversary.

I knew my husband as a Friend and I now know him as a Man who astonishes me time and time again. I’ve watched him turn himself into the kind of man he wanted to be solely by his own strong will. He is generous to a fault, dependable, loyal. He makes me laugh harder than anybody I’ve ever known and he takes care of me and our Children. After fourteen years together, he still thinks he got lucky with me.

Going through my treasure box last night, I stumbled upon a little hand made gift my husband made for me thirteen years ago on our first Wedding Anniversary. It’s a Little Wire Chair he made using a Champagne Cork Holder, after which he placed a note in between the hearts.

Little Wire Chair Made With Champagne Cork Holder
(My Love’s handmade gift for me on our 1st Year Anniversary, in 2001).
Click here for the instructables.

These are the beautiful Bouquet of Flowers and card I woke up to this morning.

Wedding  Anniversary Flowers and Card.

Wedding Anniversary Flowers and Card.

13 years ago, I decided that if I had to pick a husband, I’d pick him.


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2 thoughts on “Thought On Our Anniversary

  1. Lola S

    Happy anniversary you two!
    May you have many more glorious years together. God bless both of you and those who love you! ♥

    • Thank you my dear friend!
      Stay safe tonight.

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