Unknown Insect

From the moment I woke up to get my Son ready for school, I knew the day would be different. The weather is amazing, the air is fresh and the atmosphere is peaceful. Cloudy like, but with clear skies. Some Rain would be nice, though I am quite content and grateful for the moment.

After dropping off my Son to school, I spent a few minutes in the backyard, where I spotted a few gladioli blooming. I was pleasantly surprised to discover what looks like a Brick Red Gladiolus blooming alongside the other plants. I will be collecting seeds from Allium Drumstick, Snapdragon and Gladiolus later in the day.


Gladiolus Pink & Purple Flowers.

Gladiolus Brick Red & Orange Salmon.

Gladiolus Brick Red & Orange Salmon Flowers.

While watering my Gladiolus in the front yard yesterday morning, a little green insect jumped out of the watering area. At first I thought it was a camel cricket or young nymph (grasshopper) until I saw it’s brown stinger. It moved and jumped so fast that I was unable to capture a clear picture. Any information about this insect/bug will be greatly appreciated.

Unknown Insect.

Unknown Insect (information, anyone?).


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