Vintage 3 Faces Toothpick Holder

Excited and anxious for a relaxed and fun afternoon; we took a trip up into the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains. We had planned a trip to Crestline, CA and today was that day, rain or shine. Regardless of the winding roads and the motion sickness, Crestline is a city we fell in love with four years ago. Crestline is a small town. It’s charming, welcoming and it feels like a World of its own. The sights are breath-taking, the locals are friendly, helpful and the shops are full of little treasures. When it comes to buying Vintage/Antique pieces, this is one of the places we trust and go to. We’ve been in luck so far.

Our first stop was at the Garden Shed & Co. Shop. The kids instantly fell in love with a Cowboy Screw Sculpture which we ended up buying. Myself on the other hand, who is into rare Vintage Wrenches, added a new tool to my collection: a Vintage Garden Pruner. From there we proceeded to My Favorite Things, where we met shop owner Yolanda and stayed a while admiring her huge selection of treasures. Read about her shop here.

Cowboy Screw Sculpture.

At the Crest Forest Senior Citizens Thrift Shop, I bought a Nautical Wooden Decorative Anchor as well as a Three Faces  Toothpick Holder for our collection (this piece is also known as Three Graces, Three Sisters and Three Fates). It is from the 1960’s and it is a reproduction by L.G. Wright. The original was produced by Duncan Miller in the Late 1880’s. What fascinates Joan the most is the history behind the art work.

1960’s Three Faces Toothpick Holder by L.G. Wright.

After remembering taking some courses in Philosophy and learning about “Three Graces and Fates” in High School; my wife did some research to refresh her memory (knowledge does not update itself). She finally stumbled upon an article while searching for additional information on this Toothpick Holder. The article was written by Zsuzsanna E. Budapest on The Fates and Destiny. While recounting a life changing incident that happened to her and to which she now sees as fate; she proceeded by giving us a bigger picture of the Mythological Goddesses. They are Females portrayed as Fates and Sisters. It is said that when they are in good spirits, they become the Three Graces and when angered, they are called the Furies.

Silverwood Lake SRA & the beautiful Mountains of San Bernardino National Forest.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area.

What a beautiful way to start the weekend.