What Will You Catch This Year?

“Many people go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.”
― Henry David Thoreau.

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, peacefully at home, fighting a cold. It was a good day as I received all the love that I could hold. I am aging slowly but surely I am loving it. It’s quite difficult to remember the last time I actually felt this good. Perhaps when I left home? When I met my Wife? When I became a Parent? I can only hope that the feeling lingers on. I am grateful for my Life, for my encouraging Family, Friends and for the unknown.

When you are surrounded by people who have genuine concern and interest for others, they instantly bring out the best in you. The path that I chose almost sixteen years ago led me to a road of certainty and the life changing decision I made twelve years ago has led me to clarity. I have experienced strong emotions and bonds that I had never felt before and I have also experienced great deceptions from individuals whom I believed in.

Source: WXNetwork.

Source: WXNetwork.

I want to acquire more knowledge, to be more loving, more understanding of my surroundings, more forgiving, more humble, more patient, more conscious, to be present and fully live the moment, to give more, to reach out more and to accept as well as embrace the things I cannot change. Above all, I want to have a personal relation with my Creator. To truly understand His Words and to live by them all the days of my life. I want Serenity.

In my times of thought I have traveled many roads and arrived at different conclusions based on each action and reaction from individuals. In this crazy society that we live in today, it seems that every spare moment is used to check our status updates, our friends pages, our text messages, our favorite show updates and so on. But I ask you, when was the last time you sat outside listening to some music and watched the clouds go by? Do we have three minutes to spare on our crazy lives? I do and I hope for your sake that you do as well. If you do not let your mind wonder then how will you be able to wonder in your mind?

Thank you all for your well wishes and kind words on my Facebook page. Thank you for the phone calls and Text Messages. It was nice reading and hearing from you all. I appreciated the extra ray of sunshine.

So, what will you catch this year and in the years to come?