Words I Live By

“Happiness is found within Oneself. It can’t be accessed through People or Things.”  — Joan Ambu

“There is no such thing as too much pain in the heart of a grieving Woman.” ― Joan Ambu

“In the absence of uplifting words, Silence is the best choice.” ― Joan Ambu

“With each end, there’s a new beginning and with each beginning, there’s hope.” ― Joan Ambu

“Hope is what keeps the Soul alive when the body is no longer responsive.” ― Joan Ambu

“Your Nationality or any other Affiliation isn’t written on your forehead or any visible part of your body. It is shown by the way you Pride Yourself.” ― Joan Ambu

“Don’t be ashamed of your Team failures. Be ashamed for not supporting them through it.” ― Joan Ambu

“I do not love my National Team because they do something for me. I love them because they represent me; therefore, my faithfulness towards them will always be true.” ― Joan Ambu

“Indifference is the only thing left once true love dies.” ― Joan Ambu

“To truly understand the word of God we must be open minded, patient, ready and willing to challenge directives.” ― Joan Ambu

“If Kindness could be passed along, unrestrainedly, as forward messages, the World would be a better place.” ― Joan Ambu

“Kindness is the catalyst that fuels our drive for love and compassion.” ― Joan Ambu

“I can’t prevent you from becoming what you want, but I refuse to nurture a bad habit.” ― Joan Ambu

“Hate is a treacherous silhouette disguising as a friend when your guards are down.” ― Joan Ambu

“Hate is nothing but a feeling that consumes us all in a moment of despair and sorrow; a moment of regret and envy.” ― Joan Ambu

“When it comes to Love, live the moment. It will make all the difference.” ― Joan Ambu

“Before we go around flashing our angel faces and pointing fingers; let us make sure that our own actions are not testifying against us.” ― Joan Ambu

“Let us hold on to good memories. In the end, that’s pretty much all we’ve got.” ― Joan Ambu

“Fight. Dream. Hope. Live. Do not let your Mind be oppressed and your Spirit be weakened by the awkwardness of Life.” ― Joan Ambu

“Don’t look down on me unless you need my help. Don’t talk about me unless you are praising me.” ― Joan Ambu

“Fighting the good fight is not as easy when you’re fighting alone.” ― Joan Ambu

“Ghetto is not the People but their state of mind.” ― Joan Ambu

“Each time we hurt someone; we lose a piece of ourselves.” ― Joan Ambu

“Claim your loved ones in Jesus name so that their path will be true and safe.” ― Joan Ambu

“Do not hold on to people. Hold on to good memories.” ― Joan Ambu

“Faith is a personal quest; not word of mouth.” ― Joan Ambu

“Being a father is a choice. Staying true to fatherhood is a duty.” ― Joan Ambu

“If we could spend time counting our blessings, one by one, rather than obsessing on our obstacles, we would realize how blessed we are, truly.” ― Joan Ambu

“If you must; judge not Men by rumors, but by their repeated actions.” ― Joan Ambu

“There, beneath a pile of dated items and amid other things, you just might find some hidden treasures.” ― Joan Ambu

“Live your Life. Don’t dream it.” ― Joan Ambu

“We are nothing but die cut shapes flowing in the wind waiting to fall.” ― Joan Ambu

“Forgiveness is a selfless gift of love to others.” ― Joan Ambu

“I am not a part. I am whole.” ― Joan Ambu

“You are a person. Words are labels. Don’t ever accept to be labeled because labels are for things and you are not.” ― Joan Ambu

“An unexpected Blessing is an answer to a Prayer said, trusting that God will get to it, no matter how long it takes.” ― Joan Ambu

“The Best and Right thing to do in Life, is Give a Person a Chance to finish what they started.” ― Joan Ambu

“To understand the phenomenon of a bad seed is to recognize that we could be someone else’s bad seed.” ― Joan Ambu

“Safeguard your relationships. Do not get distracted and put too much emphasis on belief, you cannot judge someone based on their Religion.” ― Joan Ambu

“There is a huge difference between needing something and wanting something. One may need something without having an interest in it; but the desire to want something has tremendous power and gives the words itself, a positive connotation.” ― Joan Ambu

“Be it good or bad, Family is the shadow that never leaves our side.” ― Joan Ambu

“Each step we take back, is a moment in future we are losing.” ― Joan Ambu

“No one is ever alone and silence does not equate defeat.” ― Joan Ambu

“When you look at your enemy in the face and all you feel is love, then you have achieved acceptance.” ― Joan Ambu

“You can either delay or speed up the inevitable; but you cannot prevent it from staying the course.” ― Joan Ambu

“We will all have to answer to God in due time. However, I don’t believe God is more concerned about what others do to us; rather, how we respond to them.” ― Joan Ambu

“Learning who our children are and shaping who they will become is one of the most rewarding and ultimate pleasures of parenting.” ― Joan Ambu

“Material things should complement a good life, not be used as indicators of a good life.” ― Joan Ambu

“Nothing is really lost in the World; everything is preserved.” ― Joan Ambu

“Whichever season you’re in, rejoice and celebrate your life as you might not experience it twice.” ― Joan Ambu

“It’s not about people believing the story. It’s about you knowing and holding it to be true.” ― Joan Ambu

“Love is not a dead sentence and should never be used as a weapon of destruction.” ― Joan Ambu

“Are you willing to forgo your salvation for a cause which seems righteous?” ― Joan Ambu

“The love of one individual is far more powerful than the hate of one million.” ― Joan Ambu

“Your beauty is yours, believe it. Do not rely on someone else to approve it.” ― Joan Ambu

“Condemn the offender, not the Religion.” ― Joan Ambu