Cloudy Weather

It has been raining a lot lately, mostly at night. It’s cold, the winds are insane and the weather is gloomy. Did I mention that it snowed quite a bit yesterday? Our weather is so unpredictable, making it hard to get used to.

Some fascinating creatures seem to emerge from hiding after a good rainfall.

(Female) Phidippus Johnsoni.

Those gray clouds are moving slowly, but surely.

Cloudy Weather.

The gray clouds are getting thicker by the hour and the beautiful snowy mountains are now completely covered. Remember our Statue Reconstruction back in 2013? We finally completed it on New Years and placed her in the center of the backyard arch. She is absolutely gorgeous an graces the space.

Cloudy Weather.

Loving my Woodland Babies.

Woodland Babies.

I am looking forward to warmer days ahead.


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