Good Start for a New Year

Happy New Year 2018, dear readers! I hope your holidays went well and you received everything on your wish list.

The previous year ended well for our family. We are healthy, happy and for the first time I have lived in the High Desert, the weather has been just wonderful. November is usually the start of the rainy season in the High Desert and last year however, ended with no rain in sight (which means no messy yards/gardens and no weeds in sight either).

We were treated to the sight of a beautiful double rainbow stretched across the sky before the rain began on Monday morning. It rained and it rained and it rained. Lightly all day Monday and heavily on Tuesday. It was quite dismal, to say the least, but the plants and soil needed it.

Double Rainbow on a cloudy day.

Today was a beautiful, chilly day and the sun came out bright. The skies were clear and blue with a stunning view of the mountains from my backyard. They were covered in snow with thick clouds floating at the bottom.

Blue skies and Snowy Mountains.

Winter always has the most beautiful sunsets.

Beautiful Sunset.

Wishing you a good start for the new year.
To new beginnings!


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