A Cousin’s Gifts

What a day! We’ve been running errands all morning (from mailing gifts to visiting Vintage shops and everything in between). We stopped by Lowe’s®, where I picked up a pair of Christmas Stockings, some plants, bulbs and a few Barrel Planters. We made a quick stop at Kohl’s® to get the last items on our Christmas decoration list.

As I went to check the mails, after unloading the plants from the car, I found a large package waiting for me in the mailbox. By its weight and without looking at the senders address; I knew it was the gifts from my niece to her little cousins. While my Mom was visiting with them in France early this month; she promised to send Books, CDs and other souvenirs to her cousins. These are just a few of them. My son, Ivan, was so excited that he started reading. He has been anxious to read the stories even though they are written in French. Starting tomorrow, we will pick up where we left off and I am confident that he will be fluent in French in no time.

Livres & CDs Pour Enfants: 2 à 5 ans.

I am grateful for this day and I can’t wait to find out what tomorrow has in store for me.


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  1. Lola S.

    Offrir fait autant plaisir que recevoir …

    • Effectivement, Lola. Effectivement.

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