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Cloudy Weather

It has been raining a lot lately, mostly at night. It’s cold, the winds are insane and the weather is gloomy. Did I mention that it snowed quite a bit yesterday? Our weather is so unpredictable, making it hard to get used to. Some fascinating creatures seem to emerge from hiding after a good rainfall…

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Good Start for a New Year

Happy New Year 2018, dear readers! I hope your holidays went well and you received everything on your wish list. The previous year ended well for our family. We are healthy, happy and for the first time I have lived in the High Desert, the weather has been just wonderful. November is usually the start…

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Fall CleanUp

We’ve had a couple of beautiful and warm days here in the High Desert. I am enjoying Thanksgiving break with my wonderful kids. They keep me busy, sane and entertained. They are both avid readers and can’t seem to get enough. My son is about to finish reading all of the thirteen novels of A Series…

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DIY: Ocean Diorama [2]

Below is a beautiful Ocean Diorama we helped our daughter create for her school project. Materials/Tools Needed Paper Clips Plastic Boulder Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Box/container (we used the base of a Plastic Cake Container) Plastic Sea Plants Plastic Ocean Creatures (or cutouts from drawings or Magazines) Spray Paints Step by Steps (for this…

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