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It seems like every time the weather changes, our fishes get some type of disease. After noticing some white spots on one of the fishes in the Tank, we rushed to Aquarium World in Apple Valley and bought Melafix®, an all-natural aquarium antibiotic, which helps heals open wounds & abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and promotes regrowth of damaged fin rays & tissue. For use in fresh or salt water only.

Aquarium World is a lovely pet store. We bought our Blood Parrot Cichlid there three years ago and we’ve been there a few more times. Store owners Mike and Michelle are very friendly and helpful. They specialize in fresh and salt water Fish, exotic hard and soft Corals, Invertebrates (Crabs, Snails, Shrimps, Starfish, Urchin), African Cichlids, Community Fish as well as Live Rock. They carry a variety of reptiles, snakes, lizards, mice, crickets, worms and a wide selection of frozen food options, accessories, supplies and maintenance services.

Aquarium World. Apple Valley, CA

Aquarium World. Apple Valley, CA

Address Location:
18838 Highway 18, Apple Valley, CA 92307
Phone: 1 (760) 946-3474

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Hours of Operations:
Monday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM


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