Christmas Tree Ideas

With Christmas around the corner, you too, are excited about decorating your home. What to do and where to start? You ask yourself. Are you tired of decorating the same Christmas Tree year after year? Are you looking for something different? A fun project you can tackle on your own or with the whole family? Below are some inspiring and fun ideas you might want to try. I hope it brightens your day and encourages you to try at least one.

1. Source                                                                                                             2. Source

1. Source                                                                                          2. Source

1. Source                                               2. Source                                                   3. Source

1. Source                                                                                                          2. Source

1. Source                                                                                   2. Source                                                              3. Source

How about we decorate some Christmas Trees and then we eat them?

Fruit Tree. Vegetable Tree.  Cheese Tree.
Crescent Tree. Pizza Tree. Pizza Tree.


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