Delightful Garden Planters

For me, there’s nothing more fun than spending time outdoors with my family. Gardening on a beautiful day as well as building garden furniture pieces which are made from recycled wood scraps. These are some perfect activities for us and my kids learn tremendously.

Growing up, I was fascinated by wheelbarrows. We enjoyed transporting toys from one location to the other and I have fond memories of my siblings and I playing in them. Wheelbarrows make attractive planters and they are always a delight to the eyes. In building ours, we used dismantled pieces of wood and slabs we kept from the demolition of an old Stall as well as one of our smaller storage shed a couple of years ago. When it comes to creating, we are not interested in perfection; rather, we embrace the flaws in the wood and make them stand out. The character of aged wood is what gives it its charm.

We chose to use a real wheel for easy relocation to various parts of the yard. We started by fitting the wheel and legs, then we cut all the pieces needed, nailed/screwed them together, spray-painted the finished product, drilled a few holes on the tray base to allow for drainage then we began filling it with compost, dirt and potting soil. We placed small stones on the tray base to stop the mix from leaking out and we placed a few more on top of the mix (in the absence of Superabsorbent Polymers) to help retain moisture.

Plants in the wheelbarrow are Anigozanthos.
Plants in the Ceramic Rain Boots are Texas Sage.
Plants in the Raised Drawer Planter are Red Autumn Sage.

Wheelbarrow Garden Planter.

Ceramic Rain Boots Garden Planter.

Raised Drawer Garden Planter.

With endless possibilities on how you can decorate your yard and garden, a little creativity can turn an unappealing yard into an enchanted retreat.


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