DIY: Footstool Reupholstered

Last month, while visiting my favorite Vintage Shops here in the High Desert, I decided to make a quick stop at the Estate Liquidators. I have found so many beautiful vintage choice pieces here and I purchased a small vintage footstool that same day. What I love the most about this little beauty is its primitive feel.

Reupholstered 4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

Reupholstered 4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

Today I gave it a makeover with a new coat of paint and a pink Toile de Jouy fabric.

Small Vintage Footstool.

4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

I started by carefully removing the staples that were holding the fabric in place and took off the old upholstery fabric. I found some light cracks here and there, which I patched up with wood glue (which also helped fill out the gaps and secure the pieces), letting it dry. I then proceeded to sand and clean the stool to get it ready for the painting.

4-Leg Vintage Footstool.

4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

Materials Needed:

  • Staples and Heavy Duty Stapler
  • Foam
  • Batting (to cover your Foam)
  • Spray Adhesive (to keep your Foam in place)
  • Choice Fabric for Bow
  • Scissors (to trim the excess Fabric)
  • Flat-head Screwdriver and Pliers (to lift up the staples and pull them out).


  • Button Cover Kit
  • Drill and Drill Bits (to drill holes in your Foam and Wood)
  • Upholstery Thread
  • Sharpie (to mark holes on the wood)
  • Decorator Needles

Step by step:

  • Mark your hole on the wood where you want your button to go and drill a hole using your drill and drill bit.
  • Cut your foam to the size and shape of the wood.
  • Spray adhesive on the wood to keep the foam in place.
  • Use your batting to secure the foam to your wood with a staple gun.
  • Place and attach your fabric over the foam and start stapling.
  • Cover your button with the same fabric.
  • Run some thread through the button and push the threaded needle up through the pre-drilled hole (once satisfied, staple the thread at the bottom of the wood to secure and hold it in place).
Reupholstered 4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

Reupholstered 4-Legged Vintage Footstool.

I love how it turned out and my daughter now has a new reupholstered footstool for her dolls.

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  1. You took a simple footstool and made it look stunning. You are one talented young lady!
    JM Illinois

    • Thank you, Joyce! And thanks for stopping by. :)

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