DIY: Grass Pet {Making Shoes}

A week and a half ago we decorated my Son’s Grass Head Pet.

After watering it and placing it on the kitchen window sill for some warm Sun light, it grew its first hair six days later. Today we spotted two more tiny hairs underneath and above its nose. We gave it some feet/shoes.

Grass Pet Face with one hair.

Grass Pet Face with one hair.

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Craft glue, Hot glue gun
  • Toilet Paper roll, Craft Paper, Card Board (for the shoe)
  • Pencil, Permanent Marker (to draw and decorate the shoes)
  • Small Ice Cream/Yogurt container or Toilet Paper Roll (for the body)

How to proceed:

  • Squeeze the toilet paper roll to make it flat. If you are using craft paper, fold the paper in two
  • Using a Pencil, draw a foot or shoe on one side of the toilet paper roll or the craft paper
  • Use your scissors to cut around your drawing (you will end up with a set of foot or shoe)
  • Use your Hot glue gun to glue the shoes/feet to the bottom of your body.
DIY: Grass Pet Shoes.

DIY: Grass Pet Shoes.

Grass Pet with Shoes.

Grass Pet with Shoes.

On my next update I will show you how to make an outfit for the Grass Pet.


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