DIY: Grass Pet

For Earth Day, my son was given a round shaped pantyhose filled with sod and grass seed. All he had to do was place it next to a window for some warm Sun light, water and watch it grow. I stored it somewhere in the Patio and forgot about it until this morning. It’s a really fun and easy activity for kids and adults alike. This Grass Pet is almost similar to the Chia Pet, remember those?

Today, we will turn this plain round shaped ball of sod and grass seeds into a cute face.

Faceless Grass Pet.

Faceless Grass Pet.

Grass Pet all decorated.

Grass Pet all decorated.

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • Pantyhose, Socks, Nylon stockings
  • Scissors (to cut the pantyhose)
  • Grass Seeds
  • Potting Mix
  • Small Ice Cream and Yogurt container or Toilet Paper Roll (for the body)
  • Spray Paint (for the body)
  • Painter’s Tape (if you’re not planning to paint the container)
  • Chenille Stems, Googly Eyes, Permanent marker, yarn (for the eyes and mouth)
  • Thread to fasten the nose.
  • Craft Paper (to design the outfit for the body)
  • Craft glue, Hot glue gun
  • Bowl and Water

How to proceed:

  1. Mix the soil and grass seed together
  2. Fill the pantyhose, shaping it into a ball and then tie off the open end (leaving enough material for the nose).
  3. Grab a bit of the stocking with some dirt and twist it to shape the nose. Use some thread to fasten it.
  4. Start decorating your grass pet whichever way you want
  5. Place it in a bowl, water daily, sit back and watch it grow.
Grass Pet Face.

Grass Pet Face with Body.

How about some Shoes for your Grass Pet? Click here.
I hope you enjoy making your own Grass Pet and watching the hair grow.


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