DIY: LEGO Snowmobile

Living in the High Desert can sometimes be challenging even more so for those of us with children.
My kids are super active and can’t stand not having something to do indoors. They love outdoors activities above all else and when given an opportunity, they suit up like real explorers ready for new discoveries. They don’t like dreadful weather and I don’t either.

The weather has been really bad these past few days. It is cold outside and we are having severe, gusty winds, blowing sand and dust as well as reducing driver visibility at times making driving difficult and even potentially hazardous. Last week I found pieces of cardboard lying in my backyard as well as plastic bags blown by the wind.  I have found a few broken branches here and there, but nothing major.

Today, after completing his homework, my awesome little boy pulled out his box of LEGOs and started building. He has such a creative mind and I am always amazed at his creations. After helping his sister build a few things, he decided to build a few cars and trucks for himself, among them this LEGO Snowmobile below.

LEGO Snowmobile.

LEGO Snowmobile.

The wind is still howling outside, we had a good day and I hope tomorrow will be even better.


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