DIY: Mummy Pumpkin

After much deliberation on which craft to make, we decided to make a Mummy Pumpkin.

Materials Needed:

  • Pumpkin
  • First aid gauze/Toilet Paper/White duct Tape/White linen
  • Googly Eyes/Draw your own eyes
  • Black sticky back craft foam (for the mouth)
  • Scissors/ Crafts knife (to carve out the mouth)
  • Craft Glue/ Hot glue Gun (for the eyes)
  • Toilet Paper Roll/Vegetable can (for body, if desired)
  • Q-tips/Straws/Toothpick/ Wooden Skewers (for arms, if desired)

All we needed for our Mummy Pumpkin was a Grapevine Pumpkin, First aid gauze, and a pair of Googly eyes.

Step by step:

  1. Wrap the gauze around the pumpkin, leaving a few openings for the eyes and the mouth. Tuck the other end in. Some people glue one end of the gauze to the pumpkin as well as the other; I just wrapped away, loosely.
  2. Carefully place googly eyes

For a creepier effect you could use different eyes and red paint to randomly give it a bloody look.