DIY: Stocking Hooks

Yesterday we decorated the Fireplace Mantel, which is still a work in progress.
We set up and displayed the Nativity Scene, the Angels and Carolers, the Church and Village collection as well as other little displays. I had the Stockings lined up and when I was about to hang them up I couldn’t figure out where I left the hooks. Not knowing which box to look into and unwilling to search, I decided to create temporary hooks using old Wire Coat Hangers I had around (the ones you get from your Dry Cleaner).

Stocking Hook/Hanger.

Materials Needed:

  • Wire Coat Hanger or Sculpture Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers (to bend wire)

Step by step:

  • First get the hanger and cut it close to the twist area. Once cut, you can bend the end onto a loop.  I found that bending the end into a loop helps to eliminate the sharp edges.
  • Starting from the looped end measure about an inch and a half to two inches and bend onto a 90 degree angle. This will allow the hanger to latch onto the back of the surface it will lay at.
  • Straighten the hanger as you go along to to the desired length and make sure that you leave an extra two inches to loop back at the end.
  • Now you can shape the end that will hold the stocking according to the surface it will lay on top of. On our case the edge is rounded off, so I rounded the edge.
  • Now, fold back the extra two inches of the hanger and bend together facing up. Bend the rest of the hanger end the same shape and make sure that the end of the hanger is as close to the hanger as possible. Now you are done, Enjoy!

Stocking Hook/Wire Coat Hanger.

We hope your week is filled with peace and joy.