Fall Colors in The Garden

Fall, despite being the reason for the sneezing, is my best gardening season. For me, Fall is a season of new beginnings and hope renewed. For a gardener who wasn’t satisfied with a project, seeing the leaves on plants dying off and leaves on trees start to fall off is a relief. A self motivation to do better the next season.

When you’ve lived in an area for a while, you are able to ‘guess’ what time of year it is, what season, what is/might happen the following days. Because of our unpredictable weather, I often rely on familiar signs given by Nature for my gardening needs. The plants are healthy and thriving. I am focusing my attention to my Fall Shrubs and flowering Plants for their vibrant colors.

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Zone Map, the High Desert including a few cities in the Mohave Desert area are in Sunset Zone 10. Given the fact that the High Desert consists of many cities such as Victorville, Hesperia, Adelanto, Apple Valley, Phelan, Lucerne Valley, Oak Hills, Oro Grande, Piñon Hills and others; each with its own weather forecast; It is safe to say that the hardiness zones in the High Desert are: 8B, 9A, 10 and 11 depending on the location (click here to learn more). Click here to find your Plant Hardiness Zone.

Below is a list of wonderful flowering plants for Fall which grow well in the High Desert:

Russian Sage
Nana Nandina
Heavenly Bamboo
Mexican Sage
Toad Lily
Anise Hyssop (herb)
Red Spider Lily (bulbs)
Autumn Crocus (bulbs)
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Fall Colors in The Garden.

Fall Colors in The Garden.

Keep in mind that most of these plants need some protection from the wind and always check for toxicity. That being said, we are finally riding our backyard of Nerium Oleanders as we have so much planned for the months ahead and this is one of the steps to get the yard ready. They will be gone by the end of the year. Anyone interested in the plant should contact me for additional information. I am located in the High Desert of California.

Fall is nearing and my kids are so excited about decorating the front yard. We are planning on picking up a couple of Hay bales, some large decorative Pumpkins which paired together with Matilda, our Good Witch Porch Greeter, will look entertaining. Now we have to find an area where the wind won’t mess up our displays.


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